Caps at School

Caps at School is a place for ice hockey fans, by ice hockey fans. We’re not here to provide you with the same old redundant information you’ll find on TSN or – those guys gets their information too fast.

But we do have something we, as a community, do better than all the rest: provide hockey information to the masses.

Caps at School believes that every hockey player and fan should have their own say. We all saw what happened to John Scott this year when he was named captain of the NHL All Star game, and he was nearly silenced by commissioner Gary Bettman. We’re talking about a professional player losing his voice.

We’re taking a stand against the silencing and opening our community to the world. Our users have the say – the way it should be.

But we’re not here to bash the higher ups in the NHL. Heck, we’re here to promote the fastest sport on earth – the sport we love – ice hockey. We like to dig deep into the trenches to find out what professional players are doing to be powerhouses on the ice. Jagr (yes, he still plays) trains night and day, while Chara spends 6 – 7 hours working out per day to stay at the top of his game.

These are the tidbits, we as a community, like to share.

And of course, we also talk about the Ovechkins, Stamkos, Crosbys and McDavids of the world. You know, those individuals that are so talented, their sole purpose in life was to play hockey for our amusement.

Our community also likes to have fun along the way. Which player is this year’s beard king? Yea, we just wrote a piece on this exact subject (hint – it’s not Crosby).

Caps at School aims to be your go-to hockey information site, and we invite you to be part of our community.