Top 10 Beards of the NHL

Jagr had the mullet, Messier had the Mr. Clean look, and now a new trend is hitting the ice – beards. That’s right: according to a new article from the beard enthusiasts over at even hockey players are hipsters. Read more about it here… There are dozens of players sporting beards, and we’re not just talking about during the playoffs when it’s almost sinful to shave out of fear that you’ll upset the hockey gods. Instead they opt for a beard trimmer to maintain a glorious beard

Beard Guy

Who has the best beard in the NHL?

Let’s find out.

10. Eric Gryba

Playing for the Edmonton Oilers, Gryba may be overshadowed by superstar Connor McDavid, but there is one area where he outshines the up-and-coming superstar – his beard. Maintaining a flawless beard, Gryba ranks 10 on our list.

9. Jake Muzzin

Defenseman for the Los Angeles Kings, Jake Muzzin sports a “puffy” beard that he keeps trimmed neatly all season long.

8. Nick Bonino

Nick may not be the superstar that Sidney Crosby is, but he can actually grow facial hair – unlike Crosby. Nick’s beard is always trimmed nicely, and he doesn’t shy away from the camera.

7. Scott Darling

When I see Scott Darling, I think of Connor McGregor for some reason. The Blackhawk player had an exceptional playoff performance last year, and sports a beard that looks like a ball of fire.

6. Kris Letang

When Kris Letang stepped on the ice during the all-star game, he looked like he belonged in a law firm ready to take on Johnny Cochran.

5. Henrik Zetterberg

Playing for the Detroit Red Wings, Zetterberg is a monster on the ice and has been an innovator when it comes to on-ice beards. Not only can he split the defense with Pavel Datsyuk by his side, but the 35-year-old Swede can mystify the competition with his beard.

4. Chris Thorburn

The Winnipeg Jets should be happy to have Thornburn sport his beard on the ice. Not only does his beard scream excitement, it’s long and thick while also flowing out of his helmet. You’ve never seen a beard like this before.

3. Brent Burns

Brent Burns plays for the San Jose Sharks, and he looks nothing short of a caveman. No disrespect to Burnsy, he is a great player, but he looks like he belongs in one of those Geico commercials. Not only is Burns a great two-way player, his beard brings his game to a whole new level.

2. Robin Lehner

Goalie for the Buffalo Sabres, Robin Lehner kind of looks like Ragnar Lothbrok of the Vikings when he takes off his mask. Not only are they both sporting a shaved head, but Lehner’s bear is perfectly trimmed and long.

And we have to give Robin a break. He has to grow his beard during the season because the Sabres haven’t been in the playoffs in four years.

1. Braden Holtby

Braden Holtby is on pace to beat the most wins in a season by a goalie this year, if he stays healthy, and part of his secret may just be his hair. The Washington Capitals goalie not only has long hair, but it flows perfectly into his beard.